Current Fellows, Residents and Students

All Residents

Please read the following materials prior to your rotation. We suggest that you print and bring #1 and #2 with you:

  1. Rotation and Curriculum
  2. Palo Alto VA Clinic Orientation
  3. SCVMC Thyroid Cancer Admission Guidelines
  4. Osteoporosis Sleep Study
  5. Endocrine Grand Rounds

Mandatory for All Trainees: The Palo Alto VA requires HIPAA training certification two weeks prior to arrival.

Gail Rutherford, the Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist is available for questions on diabetes education resources, for information on glucose meters, insulin, insulin pens/devices and insulin pumps. She is available M-Th at (650) 498-7179 or pager 16668.

Suggested Readings

Visiting Residents

We are able to provide training for two residents each month with preference given to Stanford residents. Contact Silvia Solorzano with inquires about vacancies. If we are able to accommodate your request, please complete the following instructions two months prior to entry.

Visiting residents do not have borrowing privileges at Lane Library. See the coordinator upon arrival for a letter of status verification which can be taken to Lane Library for entry privileges.

Stanford Medical Students

Our Faculty/Program Evaluation will be given to you during your final week of clerkship. Please complete and return it to the Divison office on your last day.

Visiting Medical Students

Please register for your clerkship.

Visiting medical students are eligible for a Photo ID/Access card, which allows borrowing from Lane Medical Library. Visitors are also allowed access to Last Word if needed. Contact Zera Murphy, Director of Student Life, at (650) 498-4945 for appropriate forms.

All Visitors

Please forward the following information to Silvia Solorzano.

  • permanent address
  • local address during rotation and phone number
  • cell phone number and/or Stanford pager ID

Loaner pagers are available at Paging Administration on the first floor of the hospital, (650) 725-7101.

Your school's evalution form should be mailed to:

Silvia Solorzano
Stanford Medical Center, Room S025
Stanford, CA 94305-5103
Phone (650) 736-8274
Fax (650) 725-7085

A parking permit is required at Stanford Medical Center, which can be purchased at Parking & Transportation Services. When purchasing your permit, you will need to submit confirmation of your rotation and a signed parking permit sponsorship form. The form will be mailed to you once we receive your mailing address. Parking permits are not needed at the Palo Alto VA or Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Our Faculty/Program Evaluation will be distributed during your final week of rotation. Please complete and return it to the Divison office before leaving.

Detailed directions will be mailed to you for all three institutions.