2019 T32 Summer Student Participants 


Justin Annes, MD 

Program Host

Stanford Endocrinology, as a selected NIDDK-funded Research Center, hosts The Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes. This program, led by Drs. Justin Annes and Andrew Hoffman, allows medical students to conduct research under the direction of an established scientist in the areas of diabetes, hormone action, physiology, islet cell biology or obesity during the first or second summer of medical school. The Program helps students gain an improved understanding of career opportunities in biomedical research and a comprehensive understanding of diabetes, its clinical manifestations and its unsolved problems.

About the Program

  • Prior Research Experience is not required 
  • Each student will be given the opportunity to work on their own research project which will culminate in a presentation at the scientific symposium  in Nashville, TN on July 28th-29th, 2021.
  • Each student must spend a minumum of 2 - 3 months in the program
  • Students will recieve a monthly stipend (TBD) for housing, meals and other neccessary expenses
  • We encourage students to be proactive about making housing arrangements and seek assistance from Diabetes Centers 
  • Due to NIH requirements, all students must be US citizens or permanent residents to participate 


NIDDK Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes

Additional information at: www.vumc.org/niddk/welcome